Media Backlash

So the nice man in charge of 2/12 Cav has some words for the media. All true, and there are some people that could stand to listen.

I am actually a little surprised by some of the media issues surrounding Iraq. I would have thought that the military learned more about handling the media from Viet Nam. It's past time for the military to start countering the incessant drumbeat of negativity from the media. However, it's a bit of a circular proposition. How do you get the media to cover the fact that the coverage sucks? The internet in general, and blogs in specific, are one way to get some good news out there. I am baffled as to what other methods would be. However, DOD is full of very bright people who should be able to come up with something. Perhaps LTC Ryan's essay is part of a larger strategy to wake up certain sectors of the public.

Or am I crediting DOD with more awareness and response than is really present?


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