Democracy or Dictatorship

Will Wilkinson pointed out a lovely article on democracy from the PoliSci chair at Duke. It's a good article which points out that democracy is really only a method to ensure a decent society and government, not an end in itself. Probably old-hat to the deep thinkers out there who have spent a long time thinking about government, like J. Given that I wasn't paying much attention when I was supposed to be learning this stuff, I have to pick it up as I go along.

I've always felt that a well-run benevolent dictatorship is actually preferable, except for the whole issue about who do you trust to wield ultimate power. Given that I don't trust any of you goobers, that pretty much kills that idea. I, of course, would run things to the benefit of all, and not be too terribly corrupt. I also have seafront property in Arizona for sale if you think that's true.


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