More Leftist Lunacy

So the soreloserdonks have once again acted like children and have pulled some procedural crap not used since something like 1877 to temporarily retire the certification of the electoral college to a debate in each house of Congress. Nice move. Now keep in mind that nobody on the left will actually say that Bush lost, they're just holding up progress because...well who the hell knows? It is this kind of shit that keeps losing Democrats races. Go ahead...waste our time, waste our dime, you look stupid. Keep on losing.

Speaking of dimes, and shit that keeps losing races, I got this e-mail from my buddy Paul about how some leftists have circulated an e-mail declaring 20 January 2005 something they're calling "Not One Damn Dime Day". These idjits are so void of economic knowledge that they honestly believe that they can "shut the retail economy down" (their words, not mine) by not spending any money on ONE DAY (20 January 2004). Yes, you read that right...ONE DAY. Really now-- everybody knows that other than the millionaire hollywonk morons who are incapable of closing their wallets to $250 mohair Chihuahua sweaters--leftists don't have jobs, don't use gas, and don't engage in any useful spending anyway. I guess we should all look for a slight dip in the patchouli industry on the 20th...or something.

Well it just so happens that I will be out of town on vacation that day. I will make sure I engage in some rampant consumer spending just for the occasion. From everything I'm hearing, the Michigan economy needs it anyway.

And the left still spends so many of their waking hours wailing and ranting about how unintelligent WE on the right are...yeah OK...


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