So, did anybody watch the BCS National Championship Game in the FedEx Orange Bowl last night? I mean watch it all the way through? If you did, why, exactly? I think it was pretty obvious long before the end of the game Oklahoma was getting the holy hell beat out of them. Good lord, that was an old-school ass-whuppin'.

I think the supposedly best moment was Ashlee Simpson getting booed during half-time. J told me about it. I was screwing with our new digital camera and missed the horrifying spectacle. As someone else phrased it:
The only thing more gruesome/fascinating/gruesome(again) than watching OU get gangraped by the USC receiving core was watching Ashlee Simpson sing at halftime. If I weren't such a huge fan, I might have thought that she was the winner of some contest wherein retarded kids compete to see who gets to do karaoke during the Orange Bowl Halftime Show. I mean...wow.
In similar bad pop music news, some genius college student up in Canada was on NPR yesterday afternoon. He put two Nickelback songs together and couldn't tell the difference except for the lyrics. Stop the presses: A crappy band plagiarized itself! I'm thinking NPR is desperate and grasping at straws to fill airtime here. This kind of crap is news? Has anybody listened to AC/DC's output for the past 20 years? They've recorded Back in Black under different titles how many times now? A dozen or so? Then he slaps an Avril Lavigne song in the mix and claims they're all the same music. Corporate radio sucks! The homogenization of mass market taste is an appalling thing! Yeah, and it was appalling 20 years ago, too. You're a smidge late on this one, kids. College boy then throws out some song he thinks is worthwhile which sounded to my ear like a crappier version of Toadthe Wet Sprocket.


Blogger J said...

I watched the pathetic halftime spectacle along with some of the game, and my only observation is that a retarded kid would've performed far more capably than Ms. Simpson; or certainly with more talent and finesse.

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