Target's Non-Solicitation Policy with respect to the Salvation Army

I've been hearing quite a bit over the past couple of weeks about how Target stores are evil because they're not allowing the Salvation Army bell ringers to stand around out front of the store and do their holiday thing. I have been quite surprised by this particular reaction coming from of all places, conservative circles. While the valuable services that the Salvation Army provides are indisputable, I applaud Target for upholding its policy, and you should too. From a conservative perspective, here's why.

We conservatives are always bitching and screaming about upholding the rule of law. We can point to a million examples of how leftists want to only enforce rules for the rest of us, because they think they're too smart and too special for the same. We, time after time, expose them as hypocrites, because they are always more than willing to carve out that one exception especially for their pet fad worthy cause, or to skirt that one particular rule because of .

So, examining the current situation forces the question, does this all sound familiar? Target has a no solicitation policy, across the board, no exceptions. I don't know about you, but little more annoys me than to be going into a store somewhere only to be accosted by little league candy pushers, or some obese, greasy haired, menopausal lard-ass soliciting her latest craft projects. Allowing the Salvation Army as exception, opens the door to that next church group charity, then some church members little leaguer, which puts Target right back where they started...enter greasy lard-ass.

Target has made itself a rule, to which nobody has been able to produce one instance where an exception was granted. I for one, respect the hell out of their unwillingness to crater. Conservatives should respect that too.


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