Number One With Some Vitriol, Baby

So after drinking free Absolut at J's office Christmas party the other night, I was checking my referral logs. I'm always interested in the search terms people use to find us. I don't know why, but I find it fascinating. So I check on the searches sometimes to see what rank we are for the term. When I checked, YPS was number one on Yahoo for the search 'the aarp sucks'. Boo-yah! Do we rock or what? After all, the AARP does suck and we'd like you to remember the fact.

Since everybody is getting in a lather about Social Security, (which has run out on you and me, I'm told), it's time to discuss why the AARP sucks. Simply: they are a bunch of power drunk old codgers who want to steal all your money. Well, that's factually incorrect. The AARP wants to get the gummint to take all your money and give it to old people. I'm sure the AARP would prefer that the checks only go to AARP members, but that's probably politically infeasible, even for them.

Some of you out there might think this is unduly harsh. The first and most important thing is that, ceter paribus, Social Security in its present form is unsustainable. There are a host of reasons for this, and you can (unsuccessfully) argue the point. Why then does the AARP insist on making no changes to Social Security? The AARP is opposed to means testing, raising the benefit age, and a host of other things that might help in alleviating the issue. The AARP wants SS benefits the way they are forever. Don't believe me? Read and weep, people. This is demographically unsustainable without a crushing tax load.

The next issue that makes me convinced the AARP wants your money? Medicare! The old folks want you to pay for their health treatments. Think the Social Security issue is a nightmare? Try looking at some of the estimates for how much money that debacle is going to suck up. You know what's even better? Before the hideously expensive prescription drug benefit that passed this year, Medicare was going to start going broke in 2013. What do you bet that number has moved up a tad since then? What does the AARP want for Medicare? More. More benefits, more coverage, more of your money. Screw anybody who pays taxes, the gerontocracy wants your money, now, in cash.

More to the point, the AARP is prepared to beat up on the Federal government until they get the goods. Old people vote. Hang out at the polls all day and watch the parade of addled senior citizens coming in to vote. The old folks managed to turn the town where I live into a geriatric ghetto this year by freezing property taxes on everyone over 65. Think that could have happened if young people came in to vote? Nope. Think old people will be able to continue screwing the rest of us for a while? Yup.

It ain't gonna get better until it gets much worse. As much as I applaud the President for taking on this fight, I don't think any package that passes will do enough. My advice? Panic.


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