Christmas Cards Ahoy!

So as I'm sure you know if you've been reading YPS for a while, J is the Republican precinct chair for our electoral district. I only mention this because we get an array of Christmas cards from local elected officials. I'm not sure why, but apparently it's the thing to do once you're in office. You send cards to your party precinct chairs in the sometimes vain hope that they will help you get re-elected. Many of them include family photos, again for reasons that are inscrutable to my simple brain.

The reason I mention this fact is that our congressman sent us a Christmas card. I'm quite amused by this. Why do I find this amusing? Because he's the target of all the vitriol, innuendo, rumour, and poison that the Texas donks can muster. Yes, the most hated man in Texas politics sent us a Christmas card with a picture of his family and pets. Tom DeLay has two Bichons, incidentally. I realize you probably don't find this quite as hilarious as I do, but that's okay. You might not be half-drunk, either.


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