Bonnie Hammer Is A Twit

So I'm watching the replay of last night's first part of the Legend of Earthsea on SciFi. Why is it necessary to completely screw up the storyline of a series of books to make it into a movie? The storyline worked for the books, why do they not work for a movie? Why is it necessary to completely JACK THINGS UP? I understand the streamlining necessary, but the complete reordering of the plot? There's a difference between adapting and rewriting, dolts.

Don't even get me started about the random extraneous bullshit they throw into adaptations. I'm still bitter about Shrek's thalidomide cousin they inserted into Lord of the Rings for no apparent reason. Earthsea is doing a fabulous job of continuing that tradition.

Bonnie Hammer needs a lobotomy or something. She is destroying SciFi as a channel. I'm not linking to anything of theirs because SciFi Channel sucks ass.

As Brian Posehn once said, nothing pisses off a geek more than getting their obsession wrong. That's all SciFi is doing lately.


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