Truly Glorious Is Friday

Well, soon I will flee the corporation for my very life and sanity, for it is Friday. I’m about ready to start banging on my desk with a shoe and screaming at people. I try to maintain a mild level of professionalism here at the office, and I think that would probably startle some folks in a bad way.

In other random news, the incompetent corruption that is the UN keeps spreading throughout the media. Many people have pointed out that it’s time for Kofi to go. A range of names are being bandied about for his successor. I’ll be serious for just a moment and point out one little glitch in a lot of scenarios. The Secretary General cannot be a citizen of one of the permanent members of the Security Council. (So all you people who were pushing Bill Clinton can shut up now, okay?) I’ll also add that the guy in the office will do nothing to change the nature of the UN. It will be corrupt and useless no matter who’s in charge. So who should get the job?

Ontario Emperor suggested Boy George. I like the sentiment, but he’s ineligible. So who? I think I have found a candidate.

Cicciolina. (Link NSFW. At all.) She’s had government experience and she understands perfectly the actual operating principles of the UN. She grasps not the “guiding principles”, which as we all know are only honored in the breach anymore, but the real morals and mores that guide the UN on its daily path. It also has the added effect of possibly making the UN a funny joke instead of the twisted sick one it's managed to become.


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