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For reasons that are partially obscure to me, I maintain a sentimental attachment to the units I served in during my tenure in the Army. So here's what's been going on with one of the organizations that helped make me the bitter, dysfunctional, cynical drunk fine upstanding citizen I am today.

First off, the Regiment convinced a whole bunch of guys to reenlist. Keep in mind that the soldiers all know there's a deployment scheduled, and they reenlisted. I think that says something pretty important.

So as I just mentioned, the Regiment is deploying back to Iraq next year with a side trip to NTC first. The Army has no plans to accelerate that deployment for the election. Instead, the DRB from the 82d Airborne will be sent. Hmm, both of my old units in one story.

I also note the increasingly common tactic of claiming "national security" to hide things from public scrutiny in this story. I am not fully informed of the facts here, and apparently won't be since the Army is closing the hearings. However, being strangled with an electrical cord while you're tied up in a sleeping bag strikes me as neither accidental nor natural. It definitely strikes me as being outside the pale. If the soldiers did it, throw the book at them.

Finally, the Army is sending this officer to take over one of the troops. I wish him well in his new command, and am gratified to see the Army keeping people that want to stay in.


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It doesn't strike me as that either.

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