Thanksgiving 2004

I hope all y'all had a lovely holiday weekend. I know I sure did. We ate a ton of food, Texas beat A&M and may go to the Cotton Bowl, and we got some stuff done around the house that badly needed doing.

We got a new washer and dryer delivered, too. I will let J describe the horror that is modern day customer service, if she so chooses. All's well that ends well, I s'pose, and the correct equipment was eventually delivered. Before they arrived, I was simply deemed incompetent to do laundry. J had decided long ago that my laundry skills did not meet her standards. So rather than invest the time in training me, which is always a difficult task, she had simply banned me from doing the laundry. Things have progressed. Now, I am incapable of doing the laundry. I do not understand how to work the new washer and dryer. Once they were delivered, J spent the rest of the afternoon reading the instructions. She now understands what to do with all this new-fangled technology. I remain blessedly ignorant. I don't think I can start either one of them. On the plus side, we have three colors of LED on the panel: blue, green, and orange. It's like a little light show when the wash is going.

We also got the Christmas tree put up and decorated with lights and all the ornaments. When I say we, that means J. She has strong views about the tree and how it should be trimmed. I, on the other hand, do not. So it's generally better if she handles it. I did the heavy lifting to get the tree set up and went out to the garage to work on the new tables for the computer room. I'm still not done, but I'm a lot closer. Now that the old desks have been removed, we're ready to put the furniture in the room. Once I get finished trimming the laminate, that is. Then I have to finish rewiring the outlets so they're grounded. Then we can actually put the computers back in the room. Maybe then I can get the shelf put up in the computer room. Home improvements are fun!


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