The Best Buy Experience

So as T previously mentioned, we purchased a washer & dryer from Best Buy. Suffice it to say I was underwhelmed by the service I received. While not quite as horrific as Lowe's, from which I will never order anything, I will warn that if you purchase something from Best Buy, make double dog sure they completely code every correct product into their system prior to making the purchase. Make sure they enter every component, color, and accessory perfect to the letter. It is your last chance for sanity.

My delivery the following week consisted of two different color appliances, the item of the correct color being dented. Obviously I requested that the kind delivery man not leave anything at the house at that time. 6 or so hours on the phone later (and I hate the telephone), of time I will never get back, my problem was rectified and my equipment arrived the next day. Many thanks to the kind lady in distribution for being on the ball, but I don't think she is actually employed by Best Buy. See, the departmental monkey washes his hands clean of you the moment he hands you a receipt, and while you see a giant "Customer Service" area in the store, there is actually nobody there who understands how to use a phone. The one individual in the store who understands the concept of picking up a telephone is only capable of transferring you to the wrong department, or just putting it back down on the receiver, thereby cutting you off.

The 888 (national) number has no humans actually working it. This veritable button pushing symphony culminates in a grand coda which instructs you to contact the local store from which you purchased your merchandise...and well, you know the rest. Moral of the story: prepare to be anal, or prepare to fight. The equipment is wonderful, but barely worth the effort.


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