Finally, Someone Notices

Have I mentioned here that I loathe the AARP? One of the few ad campaigns guaranteed to get me screaming at the television is the asinine series about how you can’t do it alone, and the AARP is here to help. The AARP is all about getting old people free stuff at the expense of everyone that works for a living. The only coherent ideological position taken by the AARP goes something like this:

a) We’re old.
b) So we deserve free stuff because we lived a long time.
c) And all you people should pay for it.
d) Because we’re old.
e) And we vote a lot.

Is there anything more to it than that? No? Than why does the AARP oppose means testing for benefits? Or social security reform? Why do they support massive drug entitlements? Is there some coherent ideology that thinks all of these things are good? (Besides socialism, I mean) Or is it just naked greed dressed up as concern for the elderly?

Who knows? At least Rich Lowry called the AARP on it.


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