So the jury has decided what Scott Peterson's fate will be. He will be dragged behind a horse to the Tyburn and hung by the neck...

Sorry, I'm channeling the Bloody Assizes again. Don't mind me, it only happens occasionally. So Mr. Peterson is to get the death penalty, which in Cali means lethal injection. I'm actually a little surprised by this verdict, since I don't think California in general does the death penalty thing very well. They've got 650 people on death row and have executed 10 of them since 1978. That's swift and sure punishment, ain't it?

Keep in my mind my slanted viewpoint on the death penalty, however. I live in Harris County, Texas. The county is ground zero for capital punishment in America. Harris County sends more people to death row than the rest of the country. Generally speaking, the residents of the county are fine with that.

This doesn't prevent the usual collection of nutjobs standing around outside of Huntsville when it's time to lower the Texas recidivism rate by a fraction. At this point, I really can't see what the point of the protests are. No one is paying attention, no one cares, and your message is not getting across. But then again, I fail to see the point of most protests. You rarely, if ever, change anyone's mind by standing around with a crudely lettered piece of posterboard stapled to a stick.
Anyhow, now that my incoherence has burned itself out for the afternoon, I'm going home.


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