My co-workers are nasty...

...and so are yours. This is inspired by my trip back to the kitchen to heat my lunch. Dirty dishes in the sink (we have an automatic dishwasher), spills left in puddles, and half emptied ice trays put back in the fridge are only three of the many observed infractions in the company kitchen area. Coffee drinkers are the absolute worst offenders, leaving behind spilled creamer, rings on the countertops, and strewn stir sticks. They make the smokers look like clean room staff.

I wouldn't want to visit any of these peoples' homes. Using the way they treat company common areas as the benchmark, there must be garbage to the ceilings and feral rats living in their beds. Who in the hell do these inconsiderate twits think clean up behind them? No, not custodial staff. We are lucky here because our receptionist is very mindful of the slobbery and works ultra hard to keep things as tidy as possible. However, nobody's job description should include cleaning up after lazy pieces of crap.

If this behavior describes you, then have some shame, act like an adult, and clean up after yourself...unless you can convice your Mother to visit your job and do it for you.


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