Birthday Toys

Well, it was my birthday this past weekend. I always enjoy the birthday cheer I get from the women in my life. J will take great pains to remind me, frequently, until March that I am two years older than she is. My sister, who is 3 years older, called yesterday to share the cheery thought that “It’s all downhill from there.” Thank you so much, ladies. That's what I need to hear on my birthday.

However, I got presents. Presents always make things better. J, acceding to my insane requests, has provided with yet more implements to potentially injure myself and others. I got a nail gun and compressor combo pack. Two nail guns and a compressor! Sweeeet! While the project that initially prompted my longing for these devices is completed, they will come in marvelously handy for other projects. Plus, the nail guns are absolutely spiffy at ramming small spikes made of steel into just about anything softer than wood, if you have that need. The compressor will be useful for mundane boring things, like filling up car tires and inflating things until they explode. She also gave me a lovely knife to use in the kitchen. The santokus seem to be all the rage right now, so I’ll try it out and see if I can figure out what the fuss is all about. I also received some lovely books, which I will detail in another post. At this point, my recent purchases pile is stacking up pretty deep. I need to get reading.

My mother-in-law is trying to drive her daughter insane by proxy. She got me a bottle opener that plays “The Eyes of Texas” when used. She also gifted me with UT flip-flops and a quilt. J refuses to buy anything in burnt orange or with a longhorn on it, so I have to rely on others for college paraphernalia gifts.

I also got some money, the gift that is never unappreciated or out of season, and some other random items that escape me at the moment. Really, though. I’m a guy. It’s all about the power tools and gadgets. Nail guns! Bwahahahahaha! I’m already shopping framing nailers and pinners and other air tools. The compressor is a little small to run some things very well, though. I may need a bigger compressor…

Update: I am calendarically challenged. J is two years younger than me, briefly, not 3 as i had thought. Simple math would have proved this to me, had I bothered to do any.


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