Career Arc = Bottom, Desperation = High

I was watching VH1 Classic the other day, because I’m old and it’s really the only station that plays music videos on a consistent basis. Well, I suppose MTV2 and Fuse do as well, but the crap to worthwhile music ratio is so high I’d rather not bother. Anyhow, it appears Queensryche is recording Operation: Mindcrime II. This is in conjunction with their current tour, where they are performing the entirety of Operation: Mindcrime.

Wow. Touring a 16 year old album and recording a follow-up. Let me guess how this works. The career arc is bottoming out and we’re trying to recapture some of the audience and money we lost when we started to suck. Smells like middle-aged desperation.

Kind of a shame, since Queensryche was a good band. Geoff Tate used to be one of the best vocalists in rock. I say used to be, since the last album I heard all of was Empire, which came out in ’90. He might still be a good singer. I simply quit caring after Promised Land, because every song I heard from that album was complete crap.

I can also guess what O:M II is going to be. More complaining about corporate manipulation of government set to a theme of why Bush is the source of all evil in the world. Spare me. I’ve got O: M on CD, and I doubt you’ll be saying anything new. I also saw the last tour you did when you performed Mindcrime all the way through. That was 1991. (Suicidal Tendencies opened up!) If you don’t have anything new to say after 13 freakin’ years, maybe it’s time to shut up. Of course, by that theory a lot of people should have quit talking.


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