More Stupid Bookcases

I was browsing MoCoLoco for news and info and came across this post. Once again, I am amazed at the paucity of books these people must have.. How many books does this idiot thing hold? 12? I can't quite figure out how the books stay attached, but it doesn't look like a fabulous way to take care of them. I'm thinking over the long term you're gonna end up with some damaged goods.

In other book news, ReaderWare is working okay. The CDs catalog better than the books, but that's because I have a lot of old books. Anything new is a breeze. Scan the UPC and go. I have been through some of the scifi, but it's problematic in that much of it is old and has no UPC or even ISBN. It does work pretty well, and is much better than trying to add everything manually.

On the CD front, it's been fantastic. Just about all of our CDs have UPCs on them, so it works really well. I haven't yet had a CD with a UPC that didn't get found. I have, however, noticed an annoying habit on the part of used CD stores. They like to put the price tags directly over the UPC code.

Soon we will get to some serious cataloging. But in the meantime, the holidays will intervene.


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