Read Up!

It's Tolkien's birthday today. He'd be ancient if he had lived, but instead, he's dead. So go read something he wrote. I got a lovely version of The Lord of the Rings for my birthday, so I may browse through it again tonight. I've read it about eleventy times so I'm not reading it again right now. I have to work my way through a bunch of other books I recently received for the holidays before I re-read anything. I'm falling behind on my reading. The stack is expanding way too fast lately.

Strange fact of the day: UPC codes have changed over the years for books. On some of them, the scanner returns a different ISBN from what is on the book. I only figured this out today, so some of the books in the database may not actually be what we have. We have cataloged 1,162 books, though. I think all the books in the bedroom are done, so all we have to do is the guest room. Can't be more than a couple hundred or so in there, I'm thinking.

Anyhow, Readerware is a fantastic program and if you have this many books you should think about buying it. We receive no money for this endorsement, I just think it's a great piece of software.


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