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I have been a pretty shitty blogger over the past month, yes I have. T's carried the blogger burden throughout the holidays mostly, as I...well did the shopping and prepared for Christmas. When RL calls, you sometimes have to answer. This comes up because I haven't read a lot of T's posts until lately either.

This one really struck me. Now I while agree with MOST of what T writes, I cannot, in good conscience agree for YPS as a whole to endorse donating 1 cent to the American Red Cross. Please see my much earlier post regarding the criminal American Red Cross for context. T, you of all people should really rethink that.

Have we learned nothing from the antics of this corrupt organization? The only worse recipient of money for disaster relief I can think of would be Satan himself the UN. Much props to Amazon for raising lots of money. Too fucking bad that the money probably won't actually see any tsunami victims. What a shame to see all that good money and goodwill go to raiss or new cars for Red Cross exeuctives or the newest version of Microsoft Office.


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