Go, Judge, Go!

I see Andrew Napolitano frequently on Fox & Friends in the mornings, which J keeps on while she gets ready. I’ve always liked him and here’s another reason to like the former judge.
Congress' rush to meet the artificial deadline of the end of this year for reorganizing the U.S. intelligence community has produced a 600-page, impossible-to-read statute that has clauses that significantly interfere with constitutionally guaranteed rights and were never the subject of any debate by members of Congress.
Which, unfortunately, is about par for the course. I find it unconscionable how many bills are voted on that the members of Congress have not read thoroughly, if at all. Maybe I’'m a simple guy, but I figure if you haven'’t read the bill and can'’t explain the contents to your constituents, you shouldn'’t vote for the bloody thing. Does that seem a tad unreasonable? I can actually go further. I generally tend to think any law that can’t fit on a single sheet of paper (Single-spaced, 10 point type, 1 inch margins) is probably a bad idea. A 600 page monster is sure to be a disaster that will take years to fully comprehend the scope of the destruction and more years to fix the problems generated by inadequate attention to detail.

Mr. Napolitano has much more to say about the corrosive effect on liberty this has as well. Thanks to Hit & Run for the link.


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