End of an Era

Wow. I see from this post that WHFS has changed formats. I'm almost speechless. However, since I live in Texas now I'm not horribly upset. Upon reflection, I can't say I'm surprised. "Alternative" only mattered as a format when it really was an alternative to something. The concept was painfully bludgeoned to death throughout most of the 90s and has finally expired. Still, WHFS was the station to listen to when I was a youth in the mid-80s. Another relic of my childhood has vanished forever.

Broadcast radio has become a vast cultural wasteland in the past few years. Blame ClearChannel and the FCC. Or market forces. Or the rise of alternative music listening, such as streaming media over the internet and mp3 players. Blame whatever you want, but don't expect it to change for the better any time soon.


Blogger Jake said...

I happen to read your post on GapingVoid and randomly decided to click your name. I was shocked to find your post on WHFS! I grew up in Ellicott City and felt the same way about WHFS... (I went to the festivals in middle school). I am going to school in Western Mass now and my sister just told me the news. Crazy coincidence... I guess people from the baltimore/dc area are attracted to interesting blogs and blogging... hehe! Either way, thanks for the little bit of home in the huge land of "Blogistan."

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