Sponge Ted Strikes Again

Ted Kennedy just blubbered some statement off about how his party may not be in the majority in congress but they "speak for the majority of the American people". Oh, Sponge Ted you're drunk again. If this idiocy was true, then who in the hell voted for all those Republicans? How did they get to be in the majority? No, Ted, your party doesn't speak for the majority of the American people. You barely speak for the majority of people in tiny Massachusetts. Do the Kennedys still claim him? Oh, shut up Ted and have another Scotch.

I wonder how many elections Democrats going to have to lose before they come to terms with the fact that an ever increasing approximately 52% of the American public think they're full of shit and don't agree with the direction they want to drag our country? Who knows, but I'm glad to hang around and find out.


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