The Indonesian government has a bit of an attitude problem, I think. I really don't understand how this game is played. Indonesia wants our help? They play by our rules. Don't want to do that? Deal with the aftermath of 210,000 dead and a destroyed infrastructure without the US military. Any questions? No?

I'm about this like I was about the Saudis getting the US military to agree not to bring alcohol into the country while we were there in '91. The Saudis don't like beer in their precious sandbox? They can step up and defend themselves. Oh, wait, but they can't. So STFU and don't bitch about the help.

If they want us out of there fast, we can be gone so quick it would boggle their minds. Of course, the place will still be an unmitigated disaster when that happens. What do you want more? The illusion of control? Or someone to help fix the problems you can't?


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