More Illiteracy From Congress

My senior Senator, an addled old power-mad hag if ever there was one, has demonstrated another reason why she shouldn’t be in Congress: she’s illiterate.

I don’t see why I have to keep repeating this for the clueless, but what part of the 1st Amendment is difficult to understand? I realize I don’t have a law degree and am therefore not versed in the fine art of arguing that black is indeed white, but the text is fairly short and unambiguous.

My particular beef with Sen. Hutchison is the news that she, in conjunction with some donk from West Virginia, has introduced a bill to protect children from the scourge of indecent broadcasting. Of course, she seems to think cable television is also a problem and proposes to regulate that as well. At least, I think that’s what “multichannel video programming distributors” means. Does that mean cable companies? Radley Balko thinks it means satellite TV, too. Will regulation of XM and Sirius be far behind if this passes? Bet not. I guess Howard Stern will never be free of indecency fines.

At what point did it become inconceivable for parents to turn off the television? Why is the US Senate in the business of deciding for me what I can watch on television? Why do the citizens of Texas keep reelecting this bitch? Oops. I can answer that last one: because the people that run against her are complete non-entities. J thinks she’s gearing up to run for Governor, which should be an old-fashioned slugfest in the primary if it happens. Once again, I have to write a letter to my congresscritter asking what the hell is going on. I do so love the fact that I can’t even trust my elected officials to have some minimal awareness of the document they are supposedly upholding.


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