Obligatory Woman Post...It is International Women's Day

Happy Fucking International Socialist Women's Day. Don't believe me? Well then read what the UN says on the matter.

I want the UN to start preaching to me about "promoting and protecting the 'equal' rights of women" as soon as they stop their beloved Islamic brethren from torturing them, while preventing their own aid workers and "peacekeepers" from raping and selling them.

Better ideas abound, while they're all having cake, or whatever it is they do on "International Womens Day" maybe the rest of us should just use this day to commemorate that day in our bright future when we finally see the demise of all this commie nonsense. I figure that since the so-called "women's movement" itself was pillaged about 30 years ago by idiotarian separatist lesbians, we shouldn't have to wait too damn long.


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