I haven't been feeling well and have been dealing with contractors in the attempt to make YPS Manor salable. It's not what I would call a fun process. I'm feeling fresh out of insight or energy today, so instead I'm just linking.

Radley Balko discusses the problems with drunk driving tests and refusing to take them.

Dale Franks at Q&O goes into some of the reasons folks use for denying judges an up-or-down floor vote.

Laurence Simon has some words of wisdom for the airline industry and their enablers in Congress.

Phil Carter, my go-to guy for legal analysis of military affairs, has a post on the prisoner treatment standards between WWII and now. I don't agree with Mr. Carter on some issues, but his posts on the ongoing prisoner abuse scandals have done a lot to help clarify my thinking on the matter. I'll post more on that when I get some time.

So there's some stuff to read. I'm going to go back to feeling like crap.


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