The Fashion Police Are Real

It's news items like this that make me believe the police have entirely too much power and not nearly enough to do. Some guy in Michigan got hassled because the pants he was wearing were similar to police uniform pants. Keep in mind, these are pants that he bought for $3.25 at Goodwill. He is tooling around town on his moped wearing his pants, and gets pulled over for his pants. So the cops run a background check on him for wearing ugly cheap pants. The cops show up later to confiscate the pants.

I'm going to back up for a moment and paraphrase a comment someone made on Plastic recently. The comment was in a thread about some idiot suing over something retarded. Some Plastician made the comment that everyone needed to get the sand out of their vaginas and not lawyer up the instant they got offended. I was vastly amused by this comment.

Anyhow, when the cops tell me I've been pulled over on an ugly pants violation, I am getting all kind of sand up my drawers. When they show up later to confiscate my pants, it just became time to lawyer up. I'd say this was a joke, but this is such a classic cop attitude. This is the problem with the runaway regulatory state. When the state is telling me what kinds of pants I can or can't wear, something is seriously fucked up.


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