Weekend Adventures

Well, I had grand aspirations about posting something relevant for Memorial Day. Alas, the day has come and gone and others covered the issue more ably than I can. My attitudes are too deeply and corrosively cynical to do solemn and important things justice. If remembering the people who died to preserve your way of life isn’t solemn and important, I’m not sure what would be. I tend to the idea that one should, in part, celebrate the day by engaging in the freedoms granted you by their sacrifice.

So I watched J’s uncle set things on fire with a gas grill and played Halo with the young ‘uns. The key to playing any FPS with 13-year-olds when you are a decrepit old fossil (i.e. past the age of 30) is to get them pointed at each other. This cuts down on the embarrassment of losing by a staggeringly high number of frags. It also helps if you don’t play to their strengths. If one of them really, really wants to play a particular map, it’s probably in your best interest to choose another one.

J and I also made our annual pilgrimage to Waxahachie for Scarborough Fair on Saturday. No crowds, mainly because it kept pouring down rain intermittently throughout the day. We picked up some jewelry for J. We also picked up some more art from this nice lady that adds to the framing backlog. We now have an absurd amount of stuff lying around that I need to frame. So to aid in my framing efforts, I got a lovely mat cutter from these people. This falls under the category of things to make the stuff I already have to do easier.

Finally, I’m going to once again make a plea to all my fellow Americans: PLEASE COVER YOUR FAT. At the very least, do so when out in public. If you want to strip down naked, cover your fat ass in Crisco, and play naked twister, by all means have at it when you’re behind closed (preferably opaque) doors. When you’re out in public, keep the fat rolls concealed. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask.


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