When Hamsters Attack

Maybe I just don’t get the game, but what is up with the GOP and the freakin’ hamsters they keep putting in leadership positions in the Senate? First they had Trent Lott, a rodent of epic proportions, and now Bill Frist. I realize one must occasionally be nice about things, but the judicial filibuster issue was the time to pointedly make good and goddamned sure of party discipline. Mitch McConnell has to share some of the blame, too. Majority Whip, my ass. Majority Wet Noodle is more like it. When does the party and the RNC look at people who sabotage their efforts to accomplish things and get serious? When do they cut off the funds and start funding primary opponents? Never is apparently the answer.

Really, though, a large portion of the blame has to go to perennial psychotic asshat John McCain. I hope he’s done with presidential aspirations. At this point, the Republican base will vote for anybody in preference to Sen. McCain. He has thrown away any hope of ever getting the party nomination with this stunt.

It’s times like this that I don’t mind being a non-party voter. If I strongly identified with the efenants, I’d be purple with rage. As it is, I didn’t expect much. I had hopes somebody might get a clue and pull the trigger, but I guess not. The efenants are working hard to lose their majority.


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