Next On The Hit Parade…

Lots of stuff going on in the world. I could post about Newsweek, but I’m late to the party and have nothing to add. I could post about how much I hate my job and my boss. However, nobody wants to hear that kind of thing more than once. Consider it said and be grateful you don’t have to hear it on a daily basis, like J does. I could post about a multitude of things, but instead I’ll just give you a link.

Remember, the sneaky flip-tops are not to be trusted. Peace-loving, my ass. They’d invade us in a heartbeat if they thought they could win. Instead, they try to subvert our republic to make it more like their failing social experiment. They can’t win if we protect our essence and continue to do the things that make America great. Buy guns! Pay for your own health insurance! Don’t speak French! Never learn the capital of that nation to the north! Only then can we hope to foil their nefarious schemes.


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