Accurate Prediction

The young marine who shot an Iraqi “insurgent” last year has, unsurprisingly, been cleared of any wrongdoing. Some of you may remember what I said then:
If that marine seriously felt he was in danger and his fellow marines were in danger when he capped the guy, he will walk away from any charges brought.
The Marine Corps decided upon investigation not to prosecute. Why?
[he] could have reasonably believed that the AIF (anti-Iraq forces) shown in the videotape posed a hostile threat justifying his use of deadly force.
Ding! We have a winner! I think it’s time for a lot of people out there to eat a heaping helping of crow. In particular, Phil Carter needs to have a nice big plate. He was all over the story when it broke. Any bets on a follow up post now that there’s nothing to condemn?


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