Well, I guess one of the fun things about following politics right now is watching and betting on the imminent collapse of the Democratic Party. The donks have been around in one form or another for a very long time. They are, however, pushing themselves ever closer to the brink of extinction. There is a huge disconnect between the angry left, which appears to dominate the party, and the average voter.

John Conyers, et al, are setting up make-believe impeachment proceedings in the basement of the House. Are these the actions of people trying to convince people they're serious? They're pandering to the people who are already convinced that Bush should be impeached. The average voter isn't in that group.

Similarly, Sen. Dick Durbin (D – Overwrought) has made some statements calculated to whip the fringe lunatic faithful into an orgiastic frenzy. Unfortunately, his statements and subsequent refusal to apologize for them has made most people think he and his party are lunatics.

Finally, there's Howard Dean. I'm sure he's capable of opening his mouth and not inserting his foot. I'm also sure he hasn't done it lately. Again, he is pandering to the party faithful and MoveOn wing of the donks.

The problem here, as many have pointed out, is that elections are won in the center. The crazy talk coming from the donk party is alienating the center. Somehow, the donks think that's a good idea. I don't see it as winning elections for them.


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