Gun Control Works!

If you define 'works' as 'disarms the law-abiding'. Today's example comes from our cousins across the pond. There are days I find absurd the idea of the country which invented the concept of armed citizenry falling so far. A woman in England is going to jail for a horrible crime:
Walker, 48, stormed out of her home with a potentially lethal Walther CP88 gas-powered pistol in her hand and fired six shots at the feet of one of the terrified gang.
Yes, she shot at the ground with an air pistol and for this she gets 6 months in jail. No mention is made of her actually hitting anyone, for which I'm sure she would have been sentenced even more harshly. I find this story almost completely laughable.

Of course, I live in Texas. A long time ago, when I lived in El Paso, a man had his car vandalized repeatedly by a group of youths. He got tired of the situation, and did something similar to what the nice British woman did. Of course, this was Texas, not post-modern Britain. He shot one of the kids four times with a .357 Magnum. The family of dead youth made all the obligatory noises about good kid, would never do this, didn't deserve, &c, &c. The police didn't even arrest the man. There is a great cultural divide between Texas and the rest of the world. Incidents like this convince me I'm on the correct side of that divide.

H/t to Kim Du Toit.


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