Well, the Senate, in its less-than-infinite wisdom and majesty, has confirmed John Roberts as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. I hear it’s a good gig, so more power to him. I remain dubious, simply because he is too much of a blank slate. I don’t think he’s a raving lunatic who makes things up or a closet moonbat. I’m just not sure of his commitment to the actual document. I am slightly encouraged by some of what I’ve read, but then slightly discouraged by other things. I think he’s light years past some of the other candidates mentioned. However, all one can do is wait and see. Since it is practically impossible to impeach SCOTUS justices, he’ll give us ample opportunity to critique his performance. We’ve got a long time on this one.

Now the fun begins. The next name is going to be the entertaining one. I don’t think you can find another person so easily confirmable, and I don’t think President Bush wants to in any event. I think he is going to nominate someone who is going to give the donks apoplexy. I’m hoping for Janice Rogers Brown. Actually, I’m hoping for someone like Andrew Napolitano or Eugene Volokh, but that’ll happen about the same time snow-cones are handed out in hell. Janice Rogers Brown is politically feasible, while my choices generally aren’t. Such is life, I s’pose. She appears to be the best of a bad lot. I mean, really, Alberto Gonzales? The thought makes my brain try to claw its way out of my skull. He’s not a man who will vote to restrict the powers of government in defense of the individual.

Of course, that’s the problem. Very few people will vote for that anymore. People want the government to do things. The gummint has become the deity of choice in post-modern America. All power derives from the all-mighty insatiable maw of the tax-funded demon. Why work and accomplish things when it’s so much easier to convince 270 elected fools that you deserve to be given it at your neighbor’s expense?


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