Plywood and Sawdust

Well, the windows are more or less covered. Some more, some less. I am not 100% confident that all of the plywood will stay once the wind starts blowing. Later this afternoon we'll start duct taping the windows, just in case. However, staying and fiddling with plywood strikes me as better than sitting on a freeway, not moving and waiting to run out of gas. I don't know what the hell people are doing when they run out of gas. Judging by the news, they're sitting there. In between working on storm prep, we've been watching a local news station. All the shots of the freeways look like parking lots. I don't see the point. I'd rather be in my house waiting for a hurricane than sitting on the freeway. I have no desire to see what happens to a lane fuolll of vehicles when the wind hits 130.

J's mother and grandmother were going to go stay with friends in Shreveport. After spending 2 hours to drive what normally takes 20 minutes, they gave up on the whole evacuation concept. They brought their supplies with them, so we got plenty of water. We've been freezing the bottled water in batches and loading the coolers.

Besides no injuries and minimal house damage, all I'm hoping for is a brief power interruption. I count on losing the power at some point, I'm just hoping it's short. If the power stays off for too long, it'll be barbecue time. We have way too much frozen meat. Once it starts to thaw, it'll be time to cook.


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