NRA and Confiscations

Publicola makes some good points about the NRA’s tepid response to the gun confiscations in NOLA. He makes the valid point, and one I’ve made, that the NRA is far too willing to compromise with people who have the eventual goal of banning all guns from civilians. He also does a good job of explaining the NRA in more realistic terms than most people hear from the media.

Also, GWA.45 has a lengthy analysis of what actually happened in NOLA. One key quote from his piece for me:

By Sunday, Sheriff's offices in Texas are looking for evidence of systematic intent to confiscate arms, vowing to pull their men out if that is in fact what is going on.
This reinforces my point about living where I do, despite the ignorance of my local DA.

GWA.45 and many others have urged the more moderate response of getting names and badge numbers and pursuing legal action against the city. I guess that’s easy enough to advocate from a comfy chair states away. Let me just ask the obvious question: what the fuck is the point of having guns if you meekly hand them over when the state comes to take them? This is the sharp end of the stick, people. Either your Second amendment rights matter to you, or they don’t. If you won’t resist when the state comes to your door, when will you?


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