Oh… Canaduh

It’s been a while since we jumped on our sneaky neighbors to the north. We haven’t mentioned lately that flip-tops are not to be trusted and fundamentally unsound. While we have been negligent on providing well-deserved abuse, the nice folks at Hit & Run have been picking up the slack.

Jacob Sullum went to discuss a few things and gets told off.

He then points out the dismal lack of originality in the Canadian courts. It’s bad enough they copy us, but why do they copy the crap? They don’t copy the useful things, like the Bill of Rights.

Finally, Tim Cavanaugh points out the failure of Canadian entertainment. I can give the short version: anybody with any talent from Canada is already working in the US. Including Celine Dion, which pretty much invalidates my point about talent.

All three posts are relevant mainly for the unashamed Canada bashing that goes on in the comments. It gives all of us here at YPS Manor a warm fuzzy feeling to know that many others share our low opinion of the frozen suburb.


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