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Well, I’ve been floating around reading the reactions to the process J has been involved in for replacing Tom DeLay on the ballot. One of the things that amuses me the most is the people who are complaining about the process being shrouded in secrecy and undemocratic. A handy little hint from the resident YPS third-party advocate: if you are a fervent supporter of either major party, you need to have a nice hot cup of STFU right about now. The donks and the efenants rigged this game long ago to the exclusion of everybody else.

The party gets to pick Tom DeLay’s replacement because both parties got together and set it up that way. Don’t like it? Boo fucking hoo. Your people wrote the rules to privilege themselves and make it more difficult for anyone else to gain access to the process. If you were fine with it when the state made Kinky and Carol go out and get signatures, don’t bitch now. If you think it’s just peachy that the state assists the parties in determining their candidates by helping with the primaries, don’t complain. It’s all well and good when the system produces a result you prefer, but once you don’t like it, you whine. The way this is playing out is the way it’s set out in the election code. Don’t like the election code, get it changed. Let me be the first to say good luck with your efforts. Call me when you’re successful. I won’t be hanging out by the phone waiting.


Blogger Greg in TX22 said...

If you read your post again, I think you'll agree that you haven't presented your point very effectively. Much of it reads like a juvenile outburst (too many f-bombs).

And I honestly don't follow the logic that if a person was silent about Kinky's barriers to the ballot that he has lost his privilege to comment on the opaque selection process to select DeLay's replacement. Could you please try to restate that?

10:48 AM  
Blogger boyooboy said...

So I guess what keeps going unsaid, in bigger circles, is the fact that the "establishment leadership" is obviously trying to keep the lid on the fact that the SREC people looking to be the belles of the ball in this committee of four, will be riding on this wave of support, never minding that their possible involvement in the backup process to this initial committee will be their responsibility as well. But no one wants to call this for what it is "conflict of interest".

Sure they'll all say they want this to be the end to all means in this selection process, but words (to a majority of the precinct chairs) has been pretty cheap so far.

But other "officials" have been called on the carpet of "conflict of intertest" for less obvious reasons for years. We've seen this.

I guess we are just begging and pleading for the democrats to unload yet more crap onto this process and weaken an already uphill battle that started years ago with these attacks on Tom DeLay.

If ever the leadership in our party were to ever listen and heed these issues, now would be an excellent time to do so, and have some reasonable, common-sense people whos intention is not to feather their caps, and take on this serious procedure with only the interests of the district in mind.

And not be attached to such obvious things like being the "treasurer" of a potential candidate for this congressional seat, or heap coals of fire onto an already county to county head-butting session.

There are a few "other" people that are known to be seeking this elector position, and from what I hear they have some serious numbers of support, that in and of itself is a message that some in the leadership are choosing to ignore or attack.

So by all means lets divide and conquer, and make the oppositions job much easier, less stressful.

Because in the end, some of us may just have to hold our noses anyway when we hit that "cast ballot" button, if we are to keep this congressional seat conservative in November.

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