Not Yours?

So, I'm given to understand the n00b wants to sign the omnibus spending bill while refusing to take any blame for it. Hmm. Interesting.

Here's how it works in my professional world. I'm an engineer. At the end of the day, when I sign the documents, they're mine. It doesn't matter if I sign a purchase request, a drawing, a work order, or a calculation. If I sign the bottom of the document next to "Approved By", I own it forever. Nobody cares if I didn't do the math, prepare the drawing, or pull the part numbers from the catalog. I signed it, so it's my problem. I am the guy who is going to take the heat for whatever is on the piece of paper. Generally, this means I double check what's on the paper and make sure it's right.

Now, keep in mind, I'm just a project engineer in a manufacturing plant. I didn't sign up to be the leader of the richest, most powerful nation to ever exist on planet Earth. You wanted the job, fucktard, sack up and take the responsibility that goes with it. Don't pawn it off on the last guy. He ain't around anymore, and your signature is going on the bottom of the page. This means you are the guy, n00b, and nobody else but you. You can't point fingers at 60 of your colleagues and say "They voted for it too!" You're the man now, and if you can't even own the decisions you make, you aren't fit to be in the chair.

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