Abuse of Power

So, old black guy who teaches at Harvard got arrested. He's kind of upset about it, as I would be. You can read about it all over the place, if you so desire. I just want to point out a comment on the issue from a regular over at Hit & Run:
You know who else plays an important role in our society? Example: The President. But if the President starts breaking laws, even minor laws, and starts abusing his power to punish people who insult him, CRUCIFY THE MOTHERFUCKER.

It is precisely because the police play an important role in society that they must not be allowed to step outside of their proper defined powers for even a moment without the hammer coming down on them like a motherfucking asteroid strike. The guy's not mopping floors somewhere, he's been entrusted to use violence in the name of the public.
This ties in to my deeply held belief that we, as a society, should not give our public officials and people in positions of authority much of a pass for anything. With power comes responsibility, and the first responsibility is to obey the law and behave yourself. If you can't do that, find that job mopping floors.



Blogger Ted Amadeus said...

Interesting and unsung perspective:
Almost everybody else assumes Professor Chucker - PC for short - could never do anything untoward because, well, as Orwell put it, "...some are more equal than others."

2:35 PM  
Blogger T said...

I think at this point, it's evident that Gates behaved like an asshole. But the cops don't get to arrest you because you're an asshole, not even when you're an asshole to the cops.

3:15 PM  

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