Court Pwned

Well, Amazon made a mind-blowingly stupid decision some months ago. Aside from the immediate fallout, the courts have now piled on. Amazon is paying $150,000 to some kid who got his homework ganked along with his copy of 1984. As part of the settlement, Amazon agreed they won't take your books back except in some very limited conditions. This goes some way towards making me think kinder thoughts about the Kindle, but not far enough to make me buy one. Given the initial blunder, this is probably the best recovery Amazon can make. Of course, now that Amazon has entered into an agreement with the court as to the terms of the deletion policy, things will go much worse for them if it happens again.

As an aside, I can't think of any homework assignment I've done in my life that was worth $150,000 dollars. Hell, my entire college education (both degrees) didn't cost that much.

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