Unintended Consequences Lead To... Thuggishness?

So, the accountants over at AT&T read the new heath care bill and figured they were in for a screwing. So, in accordance with well-established law, the accountants have to disclose the event and what the cost will be or else the SEC will go after AT&T. All okay so far, right? If AT&T did their math wrong and our fabulous attempt at health care deform doesn't cost them as much as they think, well, they can always restate the financials right?

Alternatively, some jackass in Congress can request AT&T corporate officers appear before that august body because he doesn't think their assessment is correct. I mean, hell, Henry Waxman (D-emagogue) knows more about how the new law is going to affect AT&T than AT&T does, because he's a congresscritter, right?

I'm not AT&T's corporate counsel, but in the absence of a valid subpeona, I'd tell Rep. Waxman to go piss up a rope.

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Blogger Ted Amadeus said...

Live by the sword, die by the sword.
LIE-censed monopolies and other international corporate cadres on the receiving end of favors for their support will end up paying for it at some point, when the politricksters they bribe find another cadre whose favor they wish to curry.
Contrary to popular GOPher canards, there is no such thing as a "free" market: It's often sold to the highest bidder.

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