The Right Choice

I'm sure most everyone remembers the cavalcade of criticism when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year. In fact, we participated in it ourselves. Our opinion that the prize is a sort of sick joke has not changed much.

However, I find myself agreeing with Nick Gillespie that this year's choice for the prize plays up just what a bad joke last year's award was. Liu Xiaobo is out there trying to reform a government that has proven capable of slaughtering thousands engaged in non-violent protest. What he's doing takes far more courage than anything our current president has ever done.

Here's the statement he made upon being sentenced to 11 years in jail for "subversion of the state". Personally, it's a hell of lot more inspiring than anything the n00b ever said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The letter was beautiful. Do you find it ironic that he talks about the power of love and tolerance?

10:46 AM  

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