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Yay for book clubs! Zooba came through for me on Saturday morning with the new Laurell K. Hamilton novel, Incubus Dreams. I'm about 2/3 of the way through it, and I have one major issue. I have a broadband connection. If I want porn, I can get it. Porn is not why I read books. I really don't need to read one more entirely too graphic description of Anita Blake having sex. I made the joke to J when the book arrived that it was porn for fat goth chicks. I had no idea how true my statement was. I have read less graphic descriptions of sex acts in actual porn magazines. If the trend keeps up, Anita Blake isn't going to have time to kill vampires, fight lycanthropes, or solve murders. Just based on page count, in one or two more books she'll spend the whole novel with somebody's dick in her mouth. As a bonus, it will all be described in loving, graphic detail.

As far as the plot goes, I'm also getting a tad bit bored with the inevitable expansion and mutation of the powers of Anita Blake, et al. Soon, the galaxy will be consumed by hunger of the Dark Phoenix! Oops, sorry, having a flashback to another all-powerful female lead. You get the idea, though. At this point, I'm thinking if Anita just says 'screw it', (literally), and boinks every supernatural male in the city of St. Louis, she'll be pretty close to an incarnate deity. Then, she'll bitch about how godhood interferes with her relationships.

On the whole, I'm willing to give it a provisional 3 stars. The ideas that made the series interesting in the first place are still there, but are being relegated to the back burner as it turns into a pornogoth soap opera. I may revise this opinion if the ending is spectacular, but I'm not optimistic.

I also got some stuff delivered from Amazon. A Rammstein DVD, Lichtspielhaus, because it was cheap and sounded sufficiently odd. Angry-sounding German rock videos, what could be finer? I picked up The Official Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for J, although I thought she had one already. Don't they issue you a copy when you join as a charter member? Maybe this is the updated one or something. Finally, I got my plane flight book for our vacation later this week, Hawkwood's Voyage. I have no idea if it's any good, but it looked interesting.

Update: I finished Incubus Dreams. The ending was not handled well, but is setting up for the next book. Eh. Still gets 3 stars (out of five).


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You've got until the end of the day tomorrow to finish the fat goth girl porn, bucko. That's my in-flight reading, and you've already had it 3 days.

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