Debate & Desperation

So I’ve been laying around with a migraine for the past day or so, and didn’t get a timely post on the debate, but I am noticing that, like the VP debate, the major media is calling this last round a draw. Please, allow me to translate “draw”: John Kerry woke up early on Thursday morning to get a good look at the new orifice President Bush tore for him.

Excuse the hell out of me, but I was sitting square in front of the tube. I don’t depend on the pundits, I depend on me. Bush won that one hands down, no questions, no compromises. I knew it before Kerry’s first mention of Halliburton, got it verified by his next mention of Enron, and by the time he got to the Mary Cheney non-sequitur, the game was already over; drag that used up jackass off the stage.

Let me say, by the way that despite what Mary Beth Cowhill has to say, Ms. Cheney’s sexuality is not “fair game”. Neither was Amy Carter’s delinquency, Ron Reagan’s idiocy, Chelsea Clinton’s hideous ugliness, the Bush twins’ drinking escapades, and Alexandra Kerry’s naked skanky horridness. Until they, in their own right, make themselves public figures, it is everybody’s job to respect their privacy. To this bunch, however, privacy only seems to exist for the children of Democrat candidates…oh, and anybody who desires to have sex with a child or murder a baby in the womb.

The donks are just getting more and more hideous. Check this out from Tennessee HouseDonk Craig Fitzhugh. Nice move, jackass. I wonder if they always were so horrid, but getting their asses handed to them time and time again is just cracking them up to the point they can’t pretend to play fair anymore. I mean the scare tactics are nothing new, and their cheating at the polls has always been legendary. Just ask all the dead voters currently voting in Illinois and in Texas back in the LBJ days, and now this whole deal has been discovered, definitively proving, once again, that they don’t care what they have to do, they’re going to either win or destroy us all.

Hmmm...kind of like the commies of the 60’s and the Islamofascist terrorists of today.


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