No Draft Today

Well, I see from the AP that the House nuked the proposed draft from Charlie Rangel (D-Moonbat). I'm thinking a 402 to 2 defeat is a convincing sign that dog won't hunt. What can you say when the co-sponsors of a bill won't vote for it? Maybe that it's a bad idea that voters will crucify you for when re-election time comes? However, please note the party affiliation of the only two fools that voted for this nonsense: donk & donk. Gosh. The evil efenants will stop at nothing to bring back the draft. Incidentally, a guy that's trying to score points by introducing bullshit legislation probably shouldn't talk about prostituting the legislative process. In my opinion, doing so makes you sound a tad bit hypocritical.

I'd also like to note the interesting headline the AP put on the article: "GOP Gets House To Nix Draft Bill 402-2". Hmm. I see from my handy roll call vote that the final vote was 215 efenants against, 186 donks against, and 1 independent against. That looks an awful lot like strong bipartisan agreement there, but somehow the GOP was responsible for making 186 Democrats toe the line.


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