Boomer Love

Well, somebody is feeling the love at tax time. To quote:
The baby boomers will suck every last dollar out of the entire system and leave the next generation JACK. Thanks, boomers! Fucking it up for everybody since the 1950s! Love ya!!
I've noticed that people in my generation have little or no love for the Baby Boomers. I think it'’s because we'’re the generation that got handed the broken pieces of everything the boomers managed to fuck up. Now that the boomers are actually running things, they'’re just making bigger messes to hand off.

Of course, since I just finished our taxes and mailed them out, I’'m a little bitter today, too. I try to cope by imagining our taxes paid the salary of some E-4 for the year. If I didn'’t think that, my head would probably explode.

Speaking of taxes and the boomers, here's a fun exercise from the Chain Gang at Instapunk. The only way to deal with some upcoming issues (i.e. Medicare and Social Security) is to start cutting now. P. J. O'Rourke made a rough cut at this a few years back in Parliament of Whores. I may dig it out and see if his suggestions still work.


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