Friday Musical Commentary

I am desperately trying to avoid work for the last hour. My head hurts and I find it hard to think coherently about engineering. When you check the same drawing three times and keep finding mistakes you'’ve missed, it'’s time to give it up for the day. So I’'m going to blog about recent CDs, instead.

I just picked up Massive Attack Blue Lines off Amazon. I already had Mezzanine and 100th Window, so I thought I would go backwards. It'’s an interesting listen. I don'’t like it as much as I like the other two, but the roots of the later albums are definitely present. If you really like Massive Attack, it’'s worth a listen. It’'s also interesting because Tricky is on the album and some of what will become his style (especially on Maxinquaye) is apparent on Blue Lines.

I got Lords of Acid Farstucker when J and I were out for our Valentine’s dinner. Eh. They peaked on Voodoo-U and Our Little Secret. Farstucker has some good tracks, some junk, but overall not a particularly strong album. I think the songwriting was better when Jade4U was more involved. Oh well. I don’'t expect to see another album from them, so I guess I don'’t have to worry about ignoring it.

I got Papa Roach Getting Away With Murder a few weeks ago at Best Buy. It’'s like the vast majority of albums released these days. Three decent songs and filler tracks that should have been left on the cutting room floor. I’'d recommend downloading the wheat and skipping the chaff. Overall, not worth the 12 bucks. Definitely an argument for track purchase off Napster or iTunes if ever there was one.

On that note, I am leaving my job to go home and sit on the couch with J. She's better company than any of these losers will ever be.


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