“Sod Off, Swampy.”

Well, I am back from my wonderful trip to the outer wilds of Texas. I hate business travel. It's among my least favorite things, in part because of the places I get to go. They're not generally very interesting.

What is interesting is a report from London. Greenpeace tried to interrupt the daily workings of the International Petroleum Exchange. In response, the traders at the IPE beat the crap out of the Greenpeace protesters. I have to laugh. Why do the Greenpeace idjits think people will respond nicely to an invasion of their workplace? Think about where you work. Would you have a problem if people came into the place and started blowing air horns and making as much noise as possible? Strangely, the Greenpeace folks didn't consider that issue. I'm guessing they also didn't consider the fact that traders work on commission. No trade, no paycheck. Somebody comes in and actively interferes with my paycheck, I'm liable to get a tad grumpy.

I'm also a little confused by most protests anymore. What exactly was the intended point of the exercise? To piss off the people at the IPE? I'm thinking that is the extent of Greenpeace's accomplishment. All things considered, pissing off the floor traders appears to have been a bad idea. Maybe reconsidering the goals and the possibility of achieving them should be in order over at Greenpeace before they try something like this again.


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